VoIP Telephony

VoIP over Internet Protocol VoIP is the evolution of the classic landline and the most modern way to enjoy the best in your corporate communication. With VoIP telephony, your voice is transmitted through your Internet connection, paving the way for a world full of new technologies and opportunities for your business.

Utilizing the existing broadband Internet connection with VoIP telephony, you can receive and make phone calls to and from all over the world with the best quality and lowest rates.

11 Reasons to come to Voiceland

  1. Exempt from the monthly charges of PSTN or ISDN lines.
  2. Remove all your PSTN or ISDN conventional office lines.
  3. Keep only a PSTN or ISDN line for FAX & ADSL Internet.
  4. Unlimited voice channels for both incoming and outgoing traffic.
  5. Voiceland is committed to offering you the cheapest and most reliable VoIP telephony for calls to both Greece and all international destinations, with a real charge per second for all destinations without fixed or hidden charges.
  6. Voiceland has the best quality you will find in a VoIP service worldwide because it routes calls through the largest Greek and International Tier-1 & Tier-2 Telecom Provider.
  7. Portability or purchase of special charge numbers (800,801, etc.) or telephone support numbers (806, 812, 825, etc.).
  8. Centralized call cost management through an account for all branches.
  9. Possibility for unlimited simultaneous incoming and outgoing Voiceland Accounts.
  10. Service all communication channels from a single ADSL connection to the Internet. (Approximately, from an ADSL connection with 1 Mbps Upload about 12-15 channels of communication can be served and with 2 Mbps Upload 25-30 channels of communication).
  11. You can see your account's traffic in real time.

Call any destination all over the world, fixed or mobile, at very low prices, easy and with quality sound!

You are actually charged as much as you speak, with a billing charge per second from the first second for all destinations!

You are receiving calls to your new geographic number for the following locations: Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Serres, Syros, Paros, etc.

Speak with minimal communication delay. Typical time to connect with the majority of Greek ADSL providers (RTT): 5-25 ms.

Transferring (portability) all telephone numbers you have to another provider and converting them to VoIP numbers (Pan-Hellenic coverage).

Being able to display your Caller ID (assuming you are the holder of that number) in almost 100% of international destinations. Otherwise, a permanent hide-out policy applies.