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The imperative of the era for the security of your property, has led us to cooperate with well known and reputable partners in CCTV & ANPR solutions. The evolution of CCTV technology allows us to provide solutions for the installation of modern hybrid high-resolution cameras, using the existing analog signal cabling to reduce costs and installation work required.

We guarantee the correct installation of security cameras and their repair and offer you a long-term guarantee of material and work.

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Wisenet CCTV & ANPR

Hanwha Techwin's world class imaging technology is now applied to more diverse business areas including Access Control and Intruder Detection. Their products play an important role for the safety and happiness of people by protecting cities, airports, seaports, industrial areas and military installations. They will continuously provide high resolution, high performance and highly reliable premium security products and achieve the social value of "safety and the comfort". Hanwha Techwin will advance towards becoming the world's best total security solutions provider by offering a one-stop security solution, facilitating the global network, and continuously conducting research and development.

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Dahua Technology

Abiding by the philosophy of "Innovation for All", Dahua offers a wide portfolio of security-related products, ranging from IPC, NVR, HDCVI cameras, HCVR, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, Access Control, Video Intercom, Alarms, Mobile & Traffic products, display & control, VMS and so on.

Dahua Technology has been ranked 2nd in the global CCTV & video surveillance equipment market according to an IHS report since 2014, and was ranked 2nd in "2018 a&s Security 50".

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Hikvision CCTV

Hikvision is a world leading provider of security products and solutions. Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. 

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Vigilate Vision ANPR Solutions

Vigilate is an Italian company operating in the fields of Security and Traffic Control, specialized in the production of technology products and image analysis software. Vigilate goes beyond ahead to the classic paradigms of the ANPR camera and introduces a new concept for the products: virtualize traffic phenomena and transforming them into data that can be easily related to the territory. The goal of this new philosophy is to be able to represent all the typical features of traffic control and security in a virtualized way. 

Plate Reading + Surveillance IP Camera + Control of traffic + Classification all available as data in a digital form.

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ANPR Readers for Traffic Analysis & Control

Professional products dedicated to automatic plate reading (ANPR), characterized by an excellent price / performance ratio. Made in embedded technology, they integrate hardware and software specifically designed to maximize the reading performance directly on board the product. The OCR library optimized for the prodcut hardware platforms , guarantees minimum processing times and real readings till 60 images per second. The strategy of using the integrated LED illuminator allows to operate in any light condition, always guaranteeing the same recognition performance. Strenght, reliability, compactness, elegance, allow you to operate simple and effective installations directly on the street. The IP connection via Ethernet, 3G or WiFi port allows the product integration into existing surveillance or traffic networks. Open protocols of the RPC , http, FTP type allow to simply operate the software interfacing of the product. v-PLATE is already integrated with the v-SUITE platform.


the v-PLATE series cameras are equipped with a single infrared lens




Smart Cameras for Road Traffic Analysis & Video Surveillance

The v-LANE family includes the new product concept of analysis and control of the Smartcity road system. A line of products based on powerful video analysis algorithms in order to provide quality data and information to modern territory control platforms. In fact, the v-LANE series in addition to the plate reading OCR algorithm, operates a series of functions such as: Vehicle type classification, identification in 6 vehicle color classes, speed ​​estimation, gate AID functions including surveye, queue, slow or stationary vehicles and vehicles in the wrong direction.


the v-LANE series cameras are equipped with two cameras, one infrared and one color

v-LANE A1 / v-LANE A2


IP Tiandy Technologies

Unique innovation in Starlight Technology

Tiandy Technologies is one of the leading IP Video Surveillance manufacturers in the world and the pioneer in Starlight Technology. Tiandy products and solutions are ONVIF certified, RoHS compliant and CE marked. The company has been recognized as one of the top 10 largest global security companies in the A&S Security Top 50 rankings.

Tiandy is dedicated to provide open and easy upgradeable tailor made surveillance solutions with an ongoing commitment to industrial standards like ONVIF. Cutting-edge technology in combination with simple designs for rapid and easy installation will bring down installation times and costs. 

Tiandy maintains an impressive eco environment of partnerships and is a socially and environmentally 

Now Super Starlight technology with a color image in absolute darkness even more accessible in the Lite series. Their qualities, unique with the new Macrolon material for their casing (resistant to difficult external conditions) and color capture at 0.0008 Lux (0 lux with IR), but mainly with their competitive price, do not have to envy anything from the competition but on the contrary they outweigh in a unique and unsurpassed way!

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